Installing openvpn on server for personal use.
I want to try openvpn for my pc and other device (More then 2).
Well i goole it , try it and failed.
Now i need your help.

OpenVz VPS
os:- Cantos 6 minimal

Enable Tun/Tap : Yes

Enable PPP( Point to Point Protocol) : Yes.

Now here is my proble,:-
1. Setup vps for openvz
2. Setup w7 & android lolipop for this Openvpn.
The following guide (see below) always worked for me on CentOS on OpenVZ.


The most important is that you create multiple users for it. The problem is that user A cannot be connected at two end points at the same time (lets say your computer and phone). It will get disconnected where it connected first when it connects on a different second/third/fourth... device.

OpenVPN does not require PPP.
Or you can also use Access Server instead.
Thank you Smile 
i know that I risk becoming off-topic. But it might be of some help to you. You can use ssh-tunnel to browse through your vps securely.
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
(2015-11-03, 2:59:15 am)bluehawk Wrote:  Or you can also use Access Server instead.

Yes this works for only 2 connections.
Well i have 3.
ANd they all are connected through my company's wifi intranet. Well i want a secure connection for personal use.
I dont what to tell company what i am doing on net.
There's also this script on Github that automates OpenVPN setup. The only manual aspect you need to do seems to be copying the client's configuration file (.ovpn file) to the client's machine. Last updated 27 days ago so no worries about obsolete stuff there.
For Window side client installation please download this programe openvpn client from
download client.ovpn from your vpn server ad place it in the OpenVPN\config.
Now open openvpn gui with admin permission and connect.
Thats it.
Another possible solution. Try SoftEther. It automatically sets up a SoftEther VPN, L2TP VPN (good for Android), OpenVPN and another VPN for Microsoft. You have four VPN types with one VPN server.

I used and it works very well.

If there is no new reply within 48 hours I'll be closing this thread.
I am using its client to connect openvpn server but still no luck.
(2015-11-08, 7:56:09 pm)tukai Wrote:  I am using its client to connect openvpn server but still no luck.

You cannot connect to OpenVPN VPN server with SoftEther client. The SoftEther client only connects to the SoftEther VPN. You have to use the normal OpenVPN client and generate the .ovpn configuration files with the SoftEther VPN Server Administrator tool to use them with the OpenVPN client.

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