How to Know windows VPS?
Yeah those places are wel-known. You can get 1core, 1GB RAM, 20HB SSD, 2 TB bandwidth for $10 in both places. Also Cobalt Hosting Network offers ultra cheap hosting and they have Windows 7 template in their packages.
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(2015-11-25, 4:28:52 am)imbest Wrote:  Thanks for your great answer, Its Helpful
But I need windows vps to run windows software,
Do you know any provider where we can install our own windows os?
or simply ultra cheap windows provider by any chance.

Thanks really apperciated for quick response :jump:

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If speed is not your main concern and you just want to try out a Windows VPS first, you may begin with AWS free tier (Amazon Cloud) that can offer you 12-month trial. Then you can run Windows software with t2.micro instance.

You, however, need to read carefully about their limitations and quotas for the free tier to avoid any unexpected charges.
Windows vps in my country is cheap
But in other country are expensive because it has license
You can different it , since usually vps using linux os and windows server using windows server 2xxx i fogot the number , and almost same like xp
thanks for taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Cheese

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well, it depends on your skill to type the right keywords through google. such as, Windows VPS providers, etc. anyway, why do you really need the Windows VPS? why you do not like the VPS based on opensource ? have you ever try it before? if you do not, just give it a try. trust me, it is fun Smile
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