Lower posts requirements to keep your VPS
Dear FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Community,

During a staff discussion in Nov we've decided to reduce the amount of required posts to keep your VPS(s). So we're making it easier for all of you to keep your service and thus this shall be especially helpful for people who're low on time to make 20 posts per month.

Post requirement to keep one VPS: 15 posts per month
Post requirement to keep two VPSs: 30 posts per month

This change is effective since today (YY-MM-DD - 2015-12-01) and will apply until further notice.

Hopefully this change will be a help for you and will make your life easier.

Another update: VPS 3 & 4 are now KVM VPSs. Current existing VPS 3 & 4 are still OpenVZ VPSs but new will be KVM.

Best Regards,
FreeVPS Directory & Discussion
Wow nice. A major change. I guess many busy members are going to feel relieved now, and many people are going to join us as news spread.
That... I'm quite surprised, I do admit. I saw this post in recent posts, and I assumed the answer to such a request would be just no... until I realized this is Announcements forum.

I'm not sure myself if I like this change or not. Writing 20 posts was already easy enough (although I admit having difficulties with that now that I'm learning in a university), but I understand why you decided to lower that limit (in particular, activity lowered from what it used to be, I probably should write tutorials for people to post in them, but writing them took lots of time).
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
One of the main reasons why we lowered this was because we've read what people wrote about our service on other pages and forums.

The main points were that it's hard to keep the VPS because 20 posts were too much and people with language problems even interpreted "40 posts for two VPSs" as 40 posts for one VPS.

Not sure how this could happen because the VPS Information & Requirements page is clear about that. I guess language barriers are still a huge problem in 2015 and it's not like English is a common and widely used language since 5 years or something like that.

Let's be honest. People want something totally free without any obligations and that's it. They don't want to post anything or even visit the site that gave them the service unless they have issues with the service. That's why things like HapHost were highly successful projects.

I did some math and it's just math that does not really apply to the real world conditions thought because it's impossible to do stuff like 0.5 posts per day.

A month hereby is defined as 30 days as a month has an average of 30 days.
15 posts / 1 month = 0.5 post per day for one VPS
30 posts / 1 month = 1 post per day for two VPSs

What it means in the end? You have more than enough time to make 15 posts and the month has a lot of days to skip posting. If you have more free time you can do multiple posts on that one day.
To be honest, one of the reasons I barely complete my post requirements is due to the lack of decent topics. Everything is just:

"Show us your funny images! (Season 6)", 
"What's your favorite game? (The Sequel Of The Sequel)",
"Do you like this game? (Episode 13)",
"This game vs that game! (Part 10)",
"This game or that game? (Return Of The King)",
"Worst game you know! (Directors Cut)"
"What's your favorite movie? (Sequel Anniversary Edition)",
"What's your most favorite movie? (Alternative Version)",
"What's your latest favorite movie? (The Empire Strikes Back)",
"This movie vs this movie! (Christmas Edition)",
"Do you like this movie? (One Last Time)",
"Do you hate this movie? (Judgment Day)"
"Do you know programming sites? (Now On Blu-ray)",
"What's the coolest programming language? (IMAX 3D)",
"What's the best programming language? (The Legend Continues)",
"What's your most used website? (Uncut Edition)",
"Do you like this site? (Anniversary Special)"

Feels like a survey forum with recycled stuff. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind it. It's just that I'm not made for that kind of chatter. I end up posting anyway to keep my post count. But every time I do I loose a small piece of my soul. I don't feel challenged anymore.

Either way. Thanks for the decision of reducing the post count. Seeing how you have so many VPSs now it would be a shame to let them go to waist.
This is really a good news. 15 posts will be good enough to keep the VPS alive for a month and so. Nice to see such changes for the FreeVPS users.
I'm glad that it has been decreased. I have the same issue with S.L.C, which is not finding any posts that are interesting. This should be a little easier now, thanks for making this change!
Thank you ZXPlay and FreeVPS for my VPS 7
Sounds like a good change! I also like the math! 1 post per day for 2 VPS.
Finally. Now I dont have to worry that much any more. Cheese
Please keep in mind that you still need to complete 20 posts for last month! (November), so if you got a message from me on the 25th about missing posts, you still need to complete those. This change (as previously mentioned) takes effect this from this month onwards (December) Smile

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