[SOLVED] [VPS 7] Urgent Control Panel Migration
Members who have VPS 7s,

ZXPlay have been having problems with Virtualizor lately. This became an urgent problem today, and migration to SolusVM will take place at the following times:
When the migration is complete, I will sent everyone's new passwords for SolusVM, as well as a new control panel link, which I will then forward to the affected users.

There will no change of IP Address, and your data will be unharmed. However there will be approx. 2 hours of downtime, so please prepare your VPS for this if you are affected!

Date: 3rd December 2015 (Today)
Time: 23Happywide0 GMT
Estimated downtime: 2 hours
Task: Migration of VPS 7s from Virtualizor to SolusVM

Those who have a VPS 1 or other ZXPlay VPS, you will remain on Virtualizor for the moment, but you will be moved across soon (A new announcement will be made to give warning of that)

If you have any questions or concerns about the move, please reply to this thread, and myself and the other staff will do our best to answer them!

Best Regards,
All VPS 7 have been migrated to SolusVM and all VPS 7 owners have received their new access data for their VPS.

Currently IPv6 is not available but ZXPlay is working on a resolution and IPv6 addresses will be added as soon as possible to all VPS 7.
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