what should i do if know one reply to my thread?
what should i do if no one reply to my thread or post? Should I repost Same thread or post again to get reply?
Wait for replies. If no one replied to your thread after a long time then people a probably not interested or overlooked the thread.

Don't repost the same threads though.
Or, what you can do is make your topic more interesting, it also depends on the person, the more the thread is better, more views.
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^ They are all correct, but also keep in mind, some people live in different timezones and have different schedules. So just sit back and relax and wait for the replies.
Be more correct then more people will understand and in turn reply.

For ex: The topic of this thread reads :"know one" where as I think you meant "no one".
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Looks like OP opened this just to make posts and gain points.

Thread closed.

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