HostingBox Closing
Quote:Hello, my deep apologize.

We want to inform you about HostingBox closure, its official and I am very sad for saying this, we are going to close very soon.

I advise you to take a backup immediately after seeing this message to avoid all the losses as possible, the reason of our closure is the NAZI PAYPAL FROZE all the money we own and even our personal money used to pay for the Datacenter and Servers and then we had a very bad cash issues that we couldn't pay for our servers, however all our tickets will get responded as fast as we could.

Thanks for being loyal customers,
CEO of HostingBox.


We'll be giving out replacement VPSs for all HostingBox VPS owners by tomorrow. Start taking backups of everything you need please.
This is a surprise. Well you know what they say, "All good things must come to an end."

Thanks HostingBox.
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Sad to see this. Wishing Best luck for the future.
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it is sad to know that a good company like HostingBox is going to close. I will have to tell a friend to backup his vps inmediately and look for a new vps hosting.
thanks for the info.
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bad news... but maybe get another change and priority to get another VPS
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I never understood the logic behind freezing the paypal account of a running business like this !! They do not seem very small business friendly !! Sad

Anyway, I am sorry to see you guys go ! Wish you all the best in your future ventures !!
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Not sure if much has changed, but Paypal has a history for freezing accounts seemingly randomly, for example those times it froze funds raised by crowdfunding campaigns. Also, this happened. So there's that.

Interesting that there's no mention of this in HostingBox's homepage or twitter page.

Have you managed to get in touch with the person in charge?
The message in the first post was sent out via e-mail by the HostingBox CEO Joshua Brown.

Attempts to contact them are going into nowhere as seen in the source thread and in

In fact since the very beginning of this sponsorship we've had problems with getting in touch with them. Their support is no help at all. We've had to escalate to their CEO who helped us but now... Well you see it yourself.

We decided to stop giving out new VPS 3/4 before this came to our attention due to lack of support.
HostingBox was a good company..I used their DNS hosting. They also provided great VPSs here on FreeVPS!

Sorry to hear that they're going Sad
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Thanks for the information.

Still i can access to VPS3,
So if you want to take backup,do it soon.
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