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(2016-01-10, 2:50:04 pm)gooliver Wrote: @abhe that 'Projects' link is not where you create servers. You do that through Overview>Cyclades.

Dear you must update your thread regarding this.

I've made an project application request 1 week ago and still no respond.
and at last I found how to get it Smile
For some reason i cannot even connect to the windows server >.>
Good service to test VPS for speeds and other things but won't it end someday cause its free?
Does not work... Says that we need to wait until their next project is out.
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(2017-04-20, 5:01:38 am)rpark Wrote: Does not work... Says that we need to wait until their next project is out.

Well, they don't really have infinite resources do they? You can still download the ISO and install it on a dedicated server of your own Smile
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Yep. Appears to have ended for the time being.

Now, what were any of us expecting with 8GB servers free? :p
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