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I've rebuilt the mailserver in CWP multiple times, but for some reason it still takes hours to send one email and that email ends up in spam.

Can anyone advise?
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Before rebuild your mail server, have you set the Reverse DNS?

1- Create an A record on your domain, name it (for example) mx, point it to your server's IPv4 address.
2- a. If you are using SolusVM, click in Neteork tab, click on Edit RDNS. Name it with the A record you have created before; or
2-b. Virtualizor, just click on the Reverse DNS link on your left-side panel. Name it with the A.

Wish it may help.
Thank you FreeVPS and ZXPlay for VPS 7 and 19

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Don't PM me for support, use an appropriate forum to ask for support
I'd recommend to open a help topic about the delays in the CentOS Web Panel forum.

In order to send mails successfully (not going into spam) you need to have the following things setup:
- correct rDNS setup (many e-mails go straight to spam due to wrong rDNS for the IP address of the mail server)
- SPF must be setup correctly (to prevent/detect e-mail spoofing and allow e-mail sending from only)
- DKIM is also recommended (signing e-mails with DKIM helps to avoid getting into spam folder)
- mail server should not be an open relay (those get instantly abused for sending thousands of spam mails once found to be an open relay)
- IP address of mail server shouldn't be blacklisted anywhere (this is a bit tricky - providers like Outlook and Google Mail have their own internal blacklists)

I'd personally say that setting up a really working and safe e-mail server is about the hardest part.

You can use to see what may be wrong with your setup. And those are also useful: and

You can run a remote mail server diagnostics with:

Blacklist check:

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