Have you seen DeathNote?!!!!!
It seems like you can watch a nice upscale of this anime on US Netflix at least right now. So if you haven't watched it I highly recommend doing that, especially considering it's legal to do it that way too Smile (Rights tend to expire on old shows if you use CrunchyRoll etc so you can no longer view them there)
Yes, I still have T-shirt of Death note with me which I purchased some years ago.
Yes i seen  Death Note  very nice story    best Anime series  I also like  Death Note backgroud music too .

Also watch Attack on titan   this  good  Anime series   you will  enjoy  it  .
Yes Was A great Anime I Like Kira But i didnt Read Manga
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long time i dont watched again but i can explain why death note is good anime. The art is clean, the character designs are both unique and somewhat similar to reality. The backgrounds are detailed enough and the animation is really good. Even though there are few action scenes throughout the show, the car chasing scenes for example are really well done. A little exaggerated, yes, but nevertheless pretty good.
But were the art really shines is in the coloring schemes. The dark and dull tones totally fit the anime. And Light's monologues, with the red hair also add a nice touch.
Quite good for its time and genre. Angel
Nope i didnt watched this but i will watch tonight but where i can get this Tounge
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I have not yet seen this anime because if i start seeing it i won't be able to stop till i finished all the episodes , waiting for some free time .
Yeah, I have! I was the best anime ever made, hands down. It was a wild intense psychological thriller for me.
Death Noth will always be a golden anime for me! Smile
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The real question should be: " Haven't you seen DeathNote?" and the next one "Why haven't you seen it yet?!"

Watched it a couple of times now, one of the best animes out there so far.
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We, in office, had official shows on projectors every Friday.
Amazing show till L died.
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