Have you seen DeathNote?!!!!!
one of the best anime on my opinion, incredible use of moral choices, i hope that the netflix live action version don't destroy it too much.............
this anime was the one that made me watch one episode after another.I like it and it is one of my best animes.It done something in 37 episode that no other anime could do in 100 episodes.
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Death Note is definitely one of the best anime series of all time, for it presents a deeply unique and compelling story rivaled by few. I can truly say it is one of the best, if not the best anime I've watched.
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Recently heard that since the 25th April 2017 Death Note is also avaiable on Netflix it is an American film written by Jeremy Slater.
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It really went downhill after L died. The only one I like after that was Teru Mikami. It was so funny seeing him go totally crazy when "deleting" people with the Death Note.
Ohh man it was so long since I last saw this series.
I used to watch the Death Note Anime long time ago. I even had this big figurine of Death God. But I lost interest in that Anime after a while. Then I had started watching Naruto and Bleach and got addicted to those 2.
I watched death note recently after being told about it by one of my friend who is really knowledgeable about anime, and I must say the story was really well thought out, and also made me watch one episode after another.
I would recommend Death Note to everyone, as it was my first anime and still is one of the best I have seen.
And has anyone here already watched the American Death Note movie? It is available on Netflix. I have a Netflix sub and think about watching it one day through my casting device. I wonder how it is. The Ghost in the Shell movie is also American and it wasn't that bad in the end. Of course this doesn't mean that everything else is good. Could be a nightmare after all we know. A lot of movie adoptions of Animes have rather been bad. So...
I thought you guys are talking about real death note. Well, no for that. Also about animes I do not watch animes.. Seems like people love it, can you guys share some links so I can get started with Animes.
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So, anyone watched the Death Note on Netflix? If you do, do not go in with high expectations of a anime replica. It is something different.

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