Have you seen DeathNote?!!!!!
Have anyone seen Death Note? What do you think of it? Honestly It's one of the best I have ever seen.

If you have any other anime similar to Death Note that you find it cool, please let me know, I will be interested in watching it!!

I've seen Death Note and without doubt it is one of the best Animes ever made. I got a place in my all time Anime favorites and I have it in my offline watching collection. I've also seen the Death Note RL movies.
Horrible video quality because of it's age now, the story from episode 7 till it heads onto the end is kind of trash. But hey, what more to expect?
Yes, I saw it once long ago. Since it came out in 2006 you can get the 480p and interpolate it to 720p. On a phone screen won't be noticeable too if you don't mind that.
I've watched Death Note when it was broadcasted on my local tv channel. It was a good anime and I like it.
Btw, have you watched it's Live action?

IMO Psycho-pass and Mirai Nikki is similar to DN.
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It was my first anime It was really great
Code geass is similar to deathnote
I had to decided between DeatNote and Naruto  as my first Anime to watch. I didn't like the first 3 episodes so I went for Naruto. A friend of mine is a big fan of this Anime and he has this huge figurine,

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Currently i'm watching Death Note on this holiday Cheese
And it was my 1st time watch thriller-based on anime. Yagami Light vs L (ryuga).
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A Great Anime It Was My First Anime Watch

Currently Im Watching One Piece And Naruto
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Didn't watch the anime but read the manga. Great story up until a certain plot point where a main character undergoes an ... uh... change of state, after which the story kinda went downhill.
What is the probability of me opening FreeVPS and seeing this thread right after finishing the last episode of Death Note? I didn't even know FVPS had a Anime section until now.

Death Note was pretty awesome!

Spoiler: show
Do you guys think Kira was in the right or wrong? I thought it went too far when he started killing people close to him and I felt bad when his dad died thinking his son was not Kira. However, one could argue sacrifices are required for a better world. What do you guys think?

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