IPv6 on VPS 7

I have decided to create an announcement on this topic since we have been receiving a few messages regarding this matter.

IPv6 is currently unavailable on the VPS 7s as ZXPlay are waiting on OVH to bring IPv6 into their vRack. Once OVH has enabled this, ZXPlay will be able to distribute IPv6 addresses to the VPSs.
Currently we have no ETA to give you on when this will happen, but this post will be updated when we hear anything new regarding this.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

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No problem bro, i not learning for use IPV6 , i need see tutorials to how use IPV6 first.
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Well, it's a KVM VPS so setting up an IPv6 tunnel to Hurricane Electric's free tunnel broker service is fairly trivial.
Make sure you use the ip-route-2 configuration supplied by them if you use CentOS though.
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@FlamesRunner True, but still, having IPv6s that are NOT tunneled is nice...especially for those who already used all 3 HE tunnels Tounge

@cw1998 Does this apply to other ZXPlay VPSs too? (not sure since I only see 1 IPv6 in SolusVM)
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(2016-02-04, 9:49:05 am)karatekidmonkey Wrote:  @cw1998 Does this apply to other ZXPlay VPSs too? (not sure since I only see 1 IPv6 in SolusVM)

I guess no. Only Canada-based VPSs are affected since ZXPlay put their servers on 23 Media DC in Frankfurt location, not OVH.
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Other VPSs from ZXPlay already have option for ipv6 in their CP. It is only this one which is taking time due to some system upgrade / change / migration thing or something. That is my understanding of it.
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Like the title suggests this only affects VPS 7 and no other ZXPlay VPS.

All ZXPlay VPSs located in Germany and that are on SolusVM have got their IPv6 address added. The other ZXPlay VPSs located in Germany but still using Virtualizor (VPS 19) still have their 20 IPv6 addresses.

If you need more IPv6 addresses you can get them on request for the VPSs in Germany (max 20 per VPS).

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