15 posts about what?
Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself. I am Evert from The Netherlands, 35 years old and I have autism. Because of this I cannot work (at least not under 'normal' circumstances). So I get benefit and guidance. Luckily I do not suffer from a low IQ. I do hope to find a job someday.
A few years ago I found that I like writing code, esp PHP and JS and CSS an HTML as well, so I fill my days with writing classes, apps, websites etc. I like learning, and currently I am trying to learn about VPS in practice (I used shared hosting up til now) and itegrate it in my workflow. And while $5 a month for a VPS is not really expensive, it is more than I have budget-wise.
Looking for solutions I came across cloudrino, but after months of waiting they now ask for a creditcard. Which I don't have. As such I am looking for another solution. And I found this forum. I like the idea, but as you can imagine, being autistic does not make me vary chatty, or capable of understanding what is, or is not appropriate (this post is being proof-read by my social worker) or wanted. SO the 15 posts per month requirement confuses me. What kind of posts should I place? What kind of subjects, do they need to be social or technical or functional? Even then, the idea of having to interact frightens me somewhat. I am not sure what I am asking, but any kind of help or advice would be appreciated.
Welcome to FreeVPS @Evert Smile
I think other posts would be good examples, no?

Like all of us, most of your posts will be replies to others, they also count, so completing 15 monthly posts is easy.
Hi there Evert,
                      really happy to be talking to someone from a place half the world away ! In this age and time, we all do that regularly, don`t we? But it still excites me to think Cheese A grand and fuzzy welcome !!

Now to the point. It is kind of a ground rule here which allows us to enjoy free VPS in return for a little involvement with the forum. I am sure many of us would be able to buy a couple if they wanted to ( well, i have this hunch that many of them have quite a few lying around ). But this is more fun to arrange and gather free things. Well think of it like what our very old ancestors used to do. They essentially had free access to whatever they could put their hands on, given that other more powerful people did not want them. Those awesome days are over. Another hunch .. I really believe if we as humans exist long enough, we will reach a post-scarcity time when money and possession and rationing etc will become futile. But that is far away in the future (@1).

.. so to be back on the point. There is nothing like truly free ride. We need to give something to get something. Therefore I am afraid you will have to write posts and join us regularly ( that will be fun Cheese ). This is what I made of the terms and conditions. May be admins will confirm this later.

On the brighter side, there was higher post number requirement before. 20 in place of 15. Besides, people are getting permissions to run game servers these-days and if you work a little harder, you could keep two VPSs. Isn`t that really awesome !

You could just visit the forum and read new conversations a bit. We have all kind of people writing and replying to any kind of topic as long as that is not a crime. You said you were a coder. So I am sure you will be of some assistance to others problems and be a popular guy around here sooner and easier.

Good wishes and love from India.

Have fun,

@1. The idea courtesy Lain M Banks. The best sci-fi writer ever !

Edit - if you check my older posts, you will notice I am a very old user here, but it took years before I could really master the courage to start posting. Always felt like it was hard work. Took years. Now I know how easy it is Tounge

About being appropriate or relevant; that is where you will keep discovering the true awesomeness of our admins and staff.. Their awesomeness is what makes this website awesome. Good luck !
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
Hi Evert.

You can post what ever you want. Like for example, you could post about processors, websites, servers, even video games. (I don't bite!)

Good luck in your FreeVPS journey!
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FreeVPS Moderation Team - Make a thread in "VPS Help & Support" for any VPS related issues.

We've forums for a big diversity of subjects.

You can talk about programming and scripting (e.g your PHP skills, help people, show off your work, etc..). We've a forum for all the latest technology news and hardware talk. Recently we added a new dedicated forum for privacy and security. A contrary to the technology & hardware talk forum is our software and apps forum where you can find a lot of different software, news and discussion topics. A place for your HTML/CSS/JS skills is our Web design & development forum where you can show off your work, get and give help with web design or development problems and discuss things like what are the best web frameworks and et cetera.

For those who're more into gaming we've a dedicated gaming lounge for discussions and posts about games and gaming (also a game server sub forum to show off game servers or discuss about them). And last but not least we've a general forum where you can pretty much talk about anything else that does not fit into the other forums.

That's the general area so far. Oh yeah and if you're into Anime or Mangas you can check out the sub forum here: https://freevps.us/forum-65.html

We've forums where you can share cheap deals for web hosting, VPSs, VPNs and et cetera or free products like other free VPS providers, free shared web hosting, VPNs and all that kind of stuff. Aside from that we've a forum for tutorials where you can publish your tutorials and read tutorials of others. And of course we've also a review forum for services. For our VPSs and 3rd party VPSs we've help forums where you can get help or help others with their problems.

Don't know what else to say. Just look through the forums and you'll find a lot topics to post in. Bumping old topics is allowed as long as the post is contributing something to it and not some spammy post to bump old threads to get post count up.
What you should do is simple, try to avoid making low quality post on comment or new discussion topic. Free VPS has many section to discuss about, from General (daily) topics to special ones. I myself don't really care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me <3 (Backstreet Boys mode ON, just ignore this part of comment Tounge)
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The Netherlands must be a poor country if you have budget constraints that doesn't let you take out $5 a month. My warm food at junior high lunch costed more than that for one day :| But then again, Netherlands is the cheapest country to host in *cough cough*
But hey! What am I saying? I'm Norwegian and yet I took a VPS here. Well, mostly due to it not being used anyway. I wish you welcome to FreeVPS, there is literally a ton of subjects you could talk about and I have many in my head but I doubt anyone would be interested in what I have. I'll try to come up with some threads later on and we will see if people are interested Smile Any kind of posts are accepted if it stays within category and rules. As a start: why don't you try commenting on one of the already created threads out here?
Hey, welcome to FreeVPS Smile

Like @Hidden Refuge said, there are many topics to write upon; for example, if you have a phone that you want to share, there's a section for that right here: https://freevps.us/forum-19.html.
If you write code, you can share that as well - some members at FreeVPS do put out code snippets once in a while Smile
And if your idea for a post doesn't fit in any of these categories, there's the general off-topic section: https://freevps.us/forum-8.html.

Try making some posts, it'll be fun (@rudra is one of the most active users at FreeVPS) and hey, you might just find something you want to post after skimming through the threads.
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Welcome to FreeVPS; I hope to see your future posts!
I am sorry to hear that you don't have a job, I'm sure you'll get one soon. For me, I didn't need a free server (because I am fortunate enough to have some credit history, a bank account and a job), but it's still nice to have a free server to save $5/mo for other things... such as:

- $5/mo to save towards my Raspberry Pi cluster
- $5/mo extra to a bill
- $5/mo extra for a new phone (okay, I have to admit that I'm perfectly fine with my iPhone 6)
My website: https://dawgy.pw
Hi and welcome to FreeVPS!

In the forum, you can pretty much talk about anything. It can about programming, technology, news, web hosting and much more. When I first joined, I thought it would be impossible to talk about anything but if you take the time to browse around some boards you will find interest in some threads and start posting. You can also create threads on some of the boards pertaining to your interests too.

Now I completely understand your fears with interacting with other people, take some time to adjust to it and overcome it. By overcoming it, it won't be difficult after a while. I strongly encourage you to try it out for a while and start interacting with us, you will definitely feel more confident about it and overcome your fear if you just try. Smile This forum really fits your interests especially since you have experience in coding, you can learn new skills and you can even teach others new skills in programming and other subjects.

I hope you have a wonderful experience here.

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