Hostwinds sponsorship - brand new VPS 11
Wow. The 10 TB monthly traffic sounds enormous. Thank you Hostwinds and HR making this available.
I don't think that the lack of control panel should be a real issue, because HR and Chris respond helpful and real fast to every request.

(2016-02-10, 11:08:49 am)abhe Wrote:  Free torrent leech, maybe? Tounge

If you would like to use a VPS for that then try EU locations (Finland or Netherlands).
nice to see that it have 1GBps net speed and lol 10 TB bw.
users who wants to do uploading/downloading file, for them this VPS is a godMode.
[Image: statimg.php]

[Image: img.php?userid=17802]

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[Image: 4571275887.png]


[Image: 5393259505.png]
backup -
For using the above Postcounter simply copy its link and replace the userid with your once.
if you have /30 posts count slot then just add &vps2 at the last of your postcounter url.
good specs but bw is quite low..minimum 25gb may come good for the users..but speed of the vps is awesome ..welcome sponsor Hostwinds
(2016-02-13, 10:21:40 pm)rockers11 Wrote:  good specs but bw is quite low..minimum 25gb may come good for the users

10 TB (10240 GB) monthly traffic @ 1 Gbit/s is "quite low"?
(2016-02-13, 10:33:11 pm)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  10 TB (10240 GB) monthly traffic @ 1 Gbit/s is "quite low"?

oops mate😅😆😄.. i read tb as gb.. valentine day affected the mind i seem😍
It's nice to see the community in a continuous development and enlarging its horizons. New hosting providers are always welcome and I really appreciate the sponsorship. Also, the provided specifications seem to be above more VPS plans from here, which makes it a decent deal.
[Image: RQTw7e3.jpg]
Interesting how much bandwidth this server has. Like, I saw "unlimited" servers, but not limited servers with such a huge bandwidth limit.

I don't have much time to visit this website, but comparator was updated for giveaway.
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