[SOLVED] VPS 19 migration
Dear FreeVPS VPS 19 Owners,

ZXPlay will migrate all of their SSD nodes VPSs (this includes the nodes that your VPS 19 are on) to new nodes and SolusVM as the control panel instead of Virtualizor.

Migration window: 13/02/2016 (11:00PM GMT)
Downtime period: est. around 30 minutes per VM

Note: The IP addresses of your VPSs will change (you will receive more information about this once the migration is over and you'll get your SolusVM login details).

Thank you for your understanding. Updates will be posted here if necessary.
Hurray... Finally, I am going to move to the new house. Can't wait any longer Laugh

Thank you, ZXPlay.
Thank you FreeVPS and ZXPlay for VPS 7 and 19

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Don't PM me for support, use an appropriate forum to ask for support
How nice -- the move from Virtualizor.

Quite honestly, Virtualizor is a pain for the client - but when you look at it from the host's perspective, the administrator panel for Virtualizor is absolute crap.

The migration tool on Virtualizor can only move a single VPS at a time, and there is a fairly low success rate of it actually working.

Kudos to ZXPlay for moving everyone including free VPS servers over to SolusVM.
Just wandering around, nothing more.

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I am very happy that VPS 19's and 7's are now moved on SolusVM!

One big happy family Smile
Thanks For the VPS 7, and the VPS 9 FreeVPS.

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The VPS 19 migration to new nodes and SolusVM has been completed.

Users have received private messages with new login details and instructions.

Every VPS located in Germany has received 20 IPv6 IP addresses as per VPS plan. We've been waiting a while to do this and now the point has come as now all VPSs are on SolusVM.

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