[SOLVED] VPS 20 Downtime
Dear FreeVPS VPS 20 Owners,

We are very sorry, however currently there is a very unfortune downtime situation that affects your VPS 20.

The reason is unknown. According to other posts in a different thread where service on the same node was offered first the domain and control panel did not respond. However newer post in the thread suggest a full downtime.

We can confirm that we cannot access the domain, neither the control panel nor any of the servers. The sponsor CoolCo has been contacted about this already. We are waiting their reply.

We are very sorry and ask you to apologize us for any caused inconvenience.

Update (1st March 2016): We have not heard back from the provider of the VPS so far. Measures will be taken soon if the situation does not change.
VPS 20 will be phased out and removed as soon as GalaxyHostPlus has completed the migration of their VPSs.

The current VPS holder will get a replacement VPS.

VPS 20 has been phased out and removed.

We still have not received any reply from the sponsor nor did we see him since the 20th February.

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