GalaxyHostPlus - Virtualizor breach (e-mail data)
Dear Client's.

We have investigate about Emails where were send out on 9th January and 11th March.
We have finally find out what happened and how emails were taken from GalaxyHostPlus.

Our X Staff member have copy and paste 320 Email Addresses out of GalaxyHostPlus to Mountrix on the 9th January which is strongly against our rules.
We have taken actions against Mountrix and shut their website down with legal help.

We are ready to take legal actions against our X Staff which was fired from his position back in February. however his access was taken back in January after emails were out of GalaxyHostPlus same with other staff members.

X staff was Level 1 support which means he was limited only to support ticket and live support and basic settings. No other data was affected based on his custom permission. X staff was behaving very well during this time and was working normal like all our staff which is actually shocked for us what happened. thank you to people who helped us in this Investigation.

We have full details of X Staff which we collect from all our staff. we cannot name him due legal issues it may cause.

I Janusz CEO of Galaxy Digital Networks want also Apologize officially to @Virtualizor for false judgment on data leak from their VPS Panel.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Also note from other providers please be careful with your staff even if its trusted you may also have his IDs and so on it's still not safe even with limited access.

@Hidden Refuge can you ban account @JamieGHP

Kind Regards
Janusz Czeropski
CEO & Founder, Galaxy Digital Networks
A huge thanks to GalaxyHostPlus staff JanuszC for keeping us up to date on this case.

As finally everything got resolved and the real problem has been found I am closing this thread as there is nothing else left to discuss anymore.

I repeat again that only e-mail addresses have been leaked and no other details as confirmed by GalaxyHostPlus multiple times. Your SolusVM accounts and all other data sets are safe. However feel free to double check your data and change your passwords if necessary.

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