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Doghouch, thx for heads-up with spelling, much appreciated
Great offer! I am really interested in the reseller but got no bucks anymore, will catch up with you when it's refilled. Anyway's I've never heard of your hosting company is this a new company?
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Yes, we are very new, but gotta start from somwhere
(2016-04-01, 5:17:11 pm)AviarHost Wrote:  Yes, we are very new, but gotta start from somwhere

I've never been to a webhost company but I had my own game hosting company. I believe it's hard for a new hosting company to stand in the current market alone with webhosting. Just a small suggestion from a newb, expand your services to VPS, Gameservers and things like that which will help you increase your sales and meet your company expenses. One of the characteristic of an online shop is that they have a wide variety to offer. I am not putting you down I just shared what came in my mind.It might workout with one line prouducts maybe my thoughts are wrong. I don't know about your financial background either so if you have a huge capital to invest, try investing into the expansion of the services. Smile Good luck with your company.
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