Host4Fun sponsorship
Another one joins the FVPS world!
Glad to see more European locations, Can't wait for next giveaway!
[Image: vkhbt94.jpg]
[Image: img.php?userid=12078]
Nice to see some more European VPS's on FreeVPS!
It is always pleasant to see generous sponsors donate resources to one of the greatest post 2 host sites that have ever been.
Thanks Host4Fun! This is really nice that FreeVPS is getting more sponsors...
Welcome to FreeVPS, Host4Fun! Thank you very much for sponsoring the forum. I wish the best for both sides and I am looking forward to what this partnership brings to the FreeVPS community. Smile

I'm sure many of the members here will truly benefit from it, especially since there has been lots of interest for a VPS located in Europe.
Always great to see new sponsors.

Is it possible to get test IP or looking glass for these new VPSs?
Another KVM based providers, will surely apply the next giveaway Tounge
Thank you FreeVPS and ZXPlay for VPS 7 and 19

[Image: show_img.php?userid=17170&vpscount=2]

Don't PM me for support, use an appropriate forum to ask for support
Hi , Thank you every one for warm welcome .

You can ping at
Thats another good news . Welcome our newset member Smile Our community grows day by day, this is the strongest indication .
[Image: 3447516826.png]
Thanks Host4Fun. More KVM vps are always welcome! Also it has a nice connection speed. I wonder which Windows OS templates are available for 1GB VPS.
[Image: img.php?userid=8114&vps1]

Hi @dudex , we are not offering windows VPS on 1GB Ram any more . The Windows VPS Packages starts from $7 with 1.5GB Ram . The VPS comes with pre-configured Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64 Bit . But we do also accept other Windows OS , if the client provide us with the windows .iso file . We simply load the .iso with clients vps .

You can check the vps packages in details here :

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