[SOLVED] BIND DNS Server - AAAA Records
Usually AAAA Records are easy for me to create as I am used to creating them in my cPanel for shared hosting.  However, since working directly with the BIND DNS Server in the WEBUZO Panel, there is no option in the scroll down TYPE of Record for creating AAAA records, only for creating A records, cName and MX. 

I've been Googling the subject to death (maybe using the wrong search terms), but is there any way that I can get IPv4 to resolve to IPv6 as a work around for the BIND DNS Server that doesn't seem to have that functionality by default?
I've tried using their demo account, seems that Webuzo didn't support IPv6 at the moment. To make sure, please open a support ticket https://www.softaculous.com/support/open.php
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Thanks very much for responding ABHE.  You're absolutely correct of course.  I checked and Webuzo doesn't support IPv6. That's a strike against them for me, but who knows, maybe I can find a work around.  Hidden has written some really great tutorials about IPv6 which I read through again last night, and I also found some pointers.  There may be a work around.  Thanks also for the tip about the support ticket.  Haven't used one so far, as always use the Softaculous Forum for Webuzo, but will be interesting to see what kind of response I will be getting with the ticket - probably just one that says they're not onto IPv6 yet.

Since I created this thread I've also got myself a brand new low cost Interserver.net VPS and discovered a wealth of tutorials and blogs as well as a very actively supported Forum, so still have to comb through plenty of support materials there.  Interserver is a Webuzo home of sorts as well, so the guys there may have worked out something.  Think I'll post something to their support Forum and see what comes out of it.

Of all of the links I've collected for IPv6 (including a detailed step by step with Cloudflare by Hidden), this one looks good too, but before I try it out I want to get a better understanding of what I'm doing.  For example, is the IP address that I will add a translation of my IPv4 address or has the tutorial got to do with using a genuine IPv6 address?  My mission is still to create AAAA records for my IPv4 IPs.  But who knows, maybe it's all embracing, and I get to learn the whole package of also how to make IPv6 work and getting IPv4 and IPv6 environments to talk to one another.  Still lots to learn. Smile
Those links (and long useless explanation too) you provided above, in my opinion, are outside the scope of Webuzo you was asking.

Since webuzo relies on BIND, you can always manually add each domain with BIND: https://www.mmacleod.ca/2011/08/ipv6-par...with-bind/
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I have to second abhe's suggestion. Since the panel does not support IPv6 and setting IPv6 DNS records you have to configure BIND yourself to support IPv6 and add the AAAA records yourself. This is the only solution until Webuzo gets IPv6 or you switch to a panel that supports it and allows to create records for it.

Another option is to host DNS offsite. You simply use a service like CloudFlare or dns.he.net and create all the records you need there. Will still work with all your sites that are hosted on the panel. Just that you have to manage DNS entries on a totally different site which is more work of course but saves the trouble of operating your own DNS server.
Thanks abhe and hidden.  :good:

Cloudflare looks very easy, so think I'll start with Abhe's BIND suggestion first.  That in effect has reduced my huge number of links to two.  Smile

Will report back once I've given it a bash.
Any progress with this? Have you been able to solve this?
Thanks Hidden, I'm still working on it, but you can close the thread as solved.

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