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The website awful too. New Times Roman on the hero header, broken links and improper grammar everywhere. Overall an unprofessional, ugly, tossed-together-in-15-minutes website.
My website:
Thank you for your feedback Smile

thought the site design was coded by us and we are not super professional on this yet .
@RASRIYAD. I was unable to see what the RAM is of the server. Checked the Website as well.
deanhills can you be a bit more specific , which server ram are you talking about ?

Normally we are only selling VPS , and all the VPS have specifications including ram.
To be honest, if you got someone to help you with your web-design or just use a template then I believe you would do much better.
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(2016-04-11, 2:56:10 pm)FlamesRunner Wrote:  While it is true that Romania does not have DMCA laws in place, it is well known that Europeen copyright laws are quite strict, so if someone really wanted to, they can take stolen content, etc offline.

You are quite right. While DMCA is essentially not respected in many hosts they do serve an ulterior purpose when sent to an European host. Sending a "DMCA" request essentially makes it valid as an European takedown request too. If your country is a member of the EU you are subject to the notice and takedown procedures under EU laws, specifically E-Commerce directive. See article 14:
We are looking specifically at this part:
(b) the provider, upon obtaining such knowledge or awareness, acts expeditiously to remove or to disable access to the information. 
Which means that a DMCA request which refers to illegal/copyrighted material it should be processed and treated as a valid takedown notice of said material, if the host doesn't act it could be found liable for continuing to host the infringing content. The issue is that in most EU countries there is no explicit rules regarding notice of infringement, maybe this is the case in Lithuania?
(2016-04-16, 3:40:18 am)RASRIYAD Wrote:  Thank you for your feedback Smile

thought the site design was coded by us and we are not super professional on this yet .

Today I browsed on your website and I'd liked to get more information about your company and I was surprised because none of these links worked on your site: About Us, Forum, Blog . Please correct these errors. And as a provider also a Facebook page could be a really positive point for new users where they could ask questions,support instantly and see other users' opinions.
4GB Ram KVM VPS offer looks great. How does the Windows Trial work ? Is the the 3 month trial ?
[Image: img.php?userid=8114&vps1]


The windows OS comes with 180days Trial (6months) .

Also you can use Coupon Code : 3USDOFF , which would bring it down to $7 .
Wow, you do seem to have great prices! I think you offer a great value for the prices you set. However, are you sure you can deal with not having to respond to DMCA reports? I usually think that would be risky for most hosts out there including those in foreign countries that operate these types of services. I'm not sure how the law in Romania works but I guess you do know what you're doing since you've been doing this for almost a year now.

Thank you for being a great part of the community.

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