[scam] vpswala
Staff warning:

The provider VPSWala and other similar providers have been found to be scam launched by the same person using different domains for sites with the same templates.

VPSWala has been banned from advertising and discussion on our forum.

I searched for vpswala and found nothing on these forums.

I tried to create an account but was met with: Form over quota. I hit create anyways and I got: Sorry We have distributed the qouta of VPS Hosting For the day, Please check back tomorrow. I tried for both the windows and linux with the same result.

I don't know if this service is legit or fake, but they're advertising both a windows and linux vps free for 8 months.

Maybe they offered free vps in the past and the service is discontinued but they never updated the page; or maybe like vpsbit, they have only a small amount to give away and they go quickly. I'm simply hoping if I shared it here we can figure out in short order the legitimacy of these offers.

Links to their signup pages:

{redacted due to scam/banned provider} (windows vps)
{redacted due to scam/banned provider} (linux vps)
Looks unprofessional for me. Read very carefully their packages, confusing.
[Image: TdrQtVA.png]

Seems like those scam from guhat or fortihost.
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I was hopeful at first but rapidly becoming more skeptical. I found vpswala on page 4 of google and on page 6 I just found apivps.com, which looks to be exactly the same.

I used the contact form to send an inquiry to support, asking if they still offer free vps and if so is there a schedule when the quota is to be refilled. I will report back if/when I recieve a reply.
I too think this as a scam and made for SEO traffic.I don't think they will reply to any queries at all, who knows whether they atleast checking it.
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I'm always curious as to what is a reasonable in various circumstances.

In this situation I think it's safe to say if I haven't heard back within 48 hours this topic can be safely closed and vpswala and apivps to the list of bad/fake/scam sites; but maybe 48 hours is not enough? Maybe a week is more fair. Or maybe 48 hours is too generous - some might say a legitimate business should reply within 24 hours.

Either way I consider it a victory: either this is a good provider or its a bad provider that we will now know to avoid.
{redacted due to scam/banned provider}
Form Over Quota.
And looks like unprofessional , like @abhe said.
on whois record
Updated Date: 2016-01-20T03:48Happywide2Z
Creation Date: 2015-11-20T22:08:24Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2016-11-20T22:08:24Z

maybe, they already started a hosting company 3 month ago.
So many a href links are broken
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I think  this website   vpswala only  scam  like  guhat and fortihost gratisvps

Also vpswala website  90% copy of {redacted due to scam/banned provider}

Because registration process  and  page layout are almost same. 

If  you see vpswala all their paid redirect  to same page. Even Main Home  pages are also almost same as gratisvps.

Actually paid plan are inactive . I think they put paid plan just for making people fool .

All Free and Paid plans are also almost same as  gratisvps.

Compare this two link website  you will get some idea.

Window Plan
{redacted due to scam/banned provider}


{redacted due to scam/banned provider}

Linux Plan  

{redacted due to scam/banned provider}


{redacted due to scam/banned provider}

I see only difference  Website IP   and Domain name and some  minor difference .

I suggest  everyone should not trust this two website .

ddid any one get a vps from there is it a trusted site?
Thank you fitkoh for bringing my attention to this.

This site and the other site you found are two scam sites like many other similar sites. They have been added to our banlist for advertising.

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