exoscale: free VPS trial Linux/Windows
I just subscribe with a hotmail ,hope they give me one soon
I applied a few times past week but still got no response from them.
Hopefully even I would get one VPS from them.
Just signed up with the good old Gmail and although I am late but even then hoping that they would like the form that I submitted.
And the fact that their servers are in the swiss Alps is itself quite interesting not to mention the specification if I get one.
Applied for one right now, i'll update this post as soon i get an answer.

(If they ever answer obviously)

16/06: 2 days later still no answer. I'll update it again in 2 days.
18/06: 4 days later, still no reply from them.
i applied for one but no reponse for them . maybe this Service no longer avaible
[Image: img.php?userid=18759]
Thank You .:FreeVPS&Hostigation:. For VPS 18. 

Before this ends up being spammed with people saying they applied and are waiting but getting nothing we're closing this down.

The company probably does not provide any trials anymore or however you can explain the extremely long waiting times and no trial VPSs being handed out.

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