free vps for students/testing/learning
Today I could access my image from yesterday's session. All files are still there. That's good.
For a free trial, it works just fine. I did some complie work on it. The CPU did bum me out.
It gave me an error in the first attempt and I lost everything, now when I retried, it works fine.
Nothing of a breakthrough though.
Thanks to FreeVPS and GalaxyHostPlus for VPS 22!
The registration is quite fast and works well. Not bad free services. However, it may have some glitches. System can be slow and resources to be managed as it's giving out for free.
IPv4 is disabled on those VPSs from, so you can't really do much with them.
i just registered right now, so i just need to wait 2weeks to check Smile
[Image: ?id=%2Ffvps&userid=15510]
Those "free VPS" for students are usually horrible and has a catch. It's usually not very good or there are attached expenses one some features and such.
This service is excellent, but the site isn't very detailed and is missing a lot of things such as documentation and guide. When looked through user-fast lens the site doesn't rank well but regarding freeness and speed the website is good.
[Image: 5d79e0f7c0732ca3a1c85a3e5f4f9498.gif]                                                                                    [Image: thapple.gif~c200]
the web is good tested the vm might be useful to someone
Thanks for sharing. I am gonna try it now. Many people said that website is missing details, I hope I will manage to get an account. 😂
When I tested out this service, I found that I was restricted to certain websites when I browsed the Internet from the VPS.

With the network restrictions, I don't really think I can really do much with their VPS servers.
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