free vps for students/testing/learning
Well, I had tried this service today, right now and it seems that all the external connections are forbidden. When I try to install anything it shows that 403 code.
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(2016-08-11, 9:01:54 am)Chuckie Wrote: Well, I had tried this service today, right now and it seems that all the external connections are forbidden. When I try to install anything it shows that 403 code.

Well, it's a learning environment. Plus, it's free, so don't set your expectations really high for it Tongueout
I have VPS 18 (Hostigation) and 24 (HostDare).

Just a note, the site days that you can connect using ssh. Better use that Laugh
I just registered today and it seems pretty fine. Deployment took less than 10-30 seconds. The VM is pretty slow but enough for most people I guess. Students who aren't from the institution that they're endorsing won't be able to do much stuff I guess. (except for web development. I think the resources are enough for that)
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as they say, its just for learning the OS, there is no internet access, to me it's useless, i can just learn on my own computer, it has all the commands and tools they have, they however have nice toturials and objectives to do, it's a good thing for someone who is new to the *nix world, or someone who want's to learn hacking and cracking they have a distro and challenges just for that.
This seems like a nice service to test a few applications on a small VM, however, the network is very limited and the VPS itself can be rather slow and kinda unbearable when trying to test a few of your own applications. Now when you think about it, you're paying absolutely nothing to Linuxzoo so you shouldn't expect the best of the best and the most top tier service out there. I think it's useful for a select group of people and it should be used if you have something light to test. It's a perfectly great service for those who aren't too experienced with Linux and want to experience what it is like to use Linux on a hosting environment and learn more and create new skills.

I thought it was an alright experience, I would recommend it to a few people out there wanting to mess around with a Linux VPS for a bit.
Have been using this in the past during high school to test some of my websites and applications and it really does a great job for a free host. Of course, it is not for hosting servers or anything that requires a stable connection/high specs but it's a pretty good educational environment. It's perfect for testing light apps and I guess that's what it's use is, right Tongueout
Projects Great for beginners, can be used to practice installing server applications such as cpanel to experiment server adminstrator
will try it when I have a license cpanel, it looks like the server will not be active only for me
Yeah logged in and start a vps , and found their gateway is missing and i cannot ping to dns server so no connection to internet.
Added gateway but no luck. Hope they update this soon.

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