Tightened Rules Regarding Missing Posts
(2016-05-27, 9:01:22 pm)Revenge Wrote:  Is there any tool where we can check the posts we made in the current month?


From https://freevps.us/thread-15260.html

You can also simply go to your profile and click on "Find All Posts". The first page will always have the latest posts. There you can simply count them posts you have for this month manually (exclude posts in the SPAM/Testing and Introduction forum as they do not count towards post count).
Well. There is a reason I don't post that much. People know why. I have exams, this time. But not only that. I want to find agirl and get married, and sometimes the frustration of rejection does leave me sometimes with a feelings of sadness, anger, depression and overall frustration and sometimes tend to get greedy, agressive and make drama and trouble without the intent of injuring anybody. Like everyone in our family. So, before posting I've decided to take a breath, make a draft of the post in my mind, write it and then post. And make sure I have atleast 56% quality.

So, sometimes is better to say safe rather than sorry. I, however back up the "Kitty Points" idea for these moments you are too sad, or have other bigger problems that may affect your psyche and don't want to get online and write things you'll later on regret. In the dead "lifelesspeople" forums they were called "Rainy Day Points" and were harder to earn on.

Though, there are good times when you may unwitting make lots of posts. I'm talking about 50 to 500 posts per month. So such an idea would pay. And then there are average times when, while you could of made the posts, you let time slide by. But, you can and will make the posts, anyway.

I would like to request, a bit more leniency when someone proves to be under such situation. And yes, a demotion, loss of job, a loved one, or a big loss can get in the bad side of us and, as part of human nature, we turn bad.

TLCheeseR Sometimes we may need more time, but not because we don't want to post but because we think we shouldn't.
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This tightened rule seems not going to affect me much. Because I always try to finish my posts before the end of current month. So I never needed to ask for delay posts or carried posts.

I just hope there won't be any further tightened rules. Now the current rules are clear and fair enough to everyone.
It adds to the clarification nicely. thanks.

deanhill`s idea is cool. Also we might have a special scheme whereas people might surrender 40 or 50 (or even bigger) times the number of due posts and proportional amount of points / score to save the vps for the month. It both saves the day for the user and also discourages its use except in great need by being more like a penalty.

Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
This happened to me, Sorry and I won't let this happen again, from next month (June) I will make up the posts at time, I promise.
Hello there!

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I am a bit concerned about this new rule - I am in EST and it's still 5/31/16. I've been quite busy for a while with tests and exams and it has been really stressful for me lately. Would this have a negative effect on me?  I really would like to keep my VPS online as long as I can despite the obstacles I am facing during this time. I do understand it can be quite difficult to count posts since it might confuse you especially with the date and time these posts are made. Nevertheless, I truly understand the reasoning behind this.
(2016-05-27, 3:17:50 am)deanhills Wrote:  I.e. if one needs to have 30 posts, then all posts that have been made over and above the post requirement can be added to the "backup kitty" along the lines of a formula for those who have X plus number of posts in total.  

I posted a similar suggestion months ago but it wasn't accepted. Hope staff can reconsider this.
A few of you have mentioned in your reply to the missing posts PM, and in this thread, that you have concerns with completing your posts on time, and if they count due to time zones, etc. I just want to say that while the rules have been tightened, we still understand situations like this can happen, and can't always be avoided. We are happy to provide the missing posts notification service, so there is no need to get stressed or under pressure if something comes up at the last minute that has to take priority over making posts. Especially for this month, since the announcement was posted on fairly short notice Smile

On a related note, the tightened rules have resulted in a much better response rate to the missing posts PM, and most members have made up their posts before the 1st of June, which is great news compared to previous months!

Thank you all for your cooperation with this

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