[Cancelled] GalaxyHostPlus - Choice between HDD and SSD storage
Well i need more storage space, even though SSD i would prefer HDD. Sweet offer tho,
Just noticed this great news for the first time. Thanks JanuszC. I'd be very interested in SSD as I don't need that much storage space and there's an awesome difference in speed between the two, well worth it.

Let's hope I can compete for a VPS in Germany on 15 June. Been waiting for one to become available with minimum 1GB RAM in Germany. For some or other reason my ISP doesn't work as well with France.
Thanks GalaxyHostPlus for offering this choice for users.

That 377 MB/s average I/O is very attractive. But 10 GB SSD disk space is really too small. Would be great if you could consider to increase the disk space later. I guess 50 GB should be enough for most users.
Glad to see Galaxyhostplus adding more features on their VPSs.
Currently I am happy with HDD as it having more storage, and a medium speed.
SSD wii surely help people who need faster drive speed.
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Sadly have bad news we need cancel this configuration due speed issues reported by our clients from last month.
For more please check downtime announcements.
This action is required for protection of speed for all our clients.

Thank you for understanding .

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