We've a new sponsor onboard from today - Evolution-Host
DDoS protected sounds right on the number.  Thanks very much for the sponsorship!   :good:
Welcome to FreeVPS and good luck to all for givingnext giveaway for there vps Wink
[Image: generate.php?top1=RIP+VPS+7&top2=ZxPlay+...ZxHost&sp=]
[Image: img.php?userid=13419]
Thanks and congratulation to Evolution-Host for being a sponser of freevps community, I wish success on your business.
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#SaveFreeVPS for the future
Hello Evolution-Host , Mike-brown. Welcome to FreeVps. Thank you for sponsoring VPS. Hopefully relation with FreeVps Proves to be beneficial for you . Good Luck.
Welcome Evolution-Host hope The relations between freevps.us And Evolution-Host always goes good thank you for sponsoring such a nice vps.
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I'm sure everyone here is unbelievably overjoyed at Evolution-Host's decision to sponsor Free-VPS, thank you for sponsoring us with such nice VPS's.
Thanks to Evolution-Host for sponsorship.
Good KVM based VPS.
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Thanks to HostDare for VPS
It is so awesome more companies sponsoring for our forum. Thank you so much developers, I hope you get back the efforts you put into sponsoring.
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Another great sponsor. Credits go to the community and the awesome admins!
Lets hope this community grows more and more in the future...
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Very good news! I was aiming to get EU located VPS next giveaway, now it would be more possible with those three new VPSes!

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