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(2016-11-30, 4:15:48 am)pjay Wrote:  I have shared webhosting Plan at Namecheap,
and yes, I am using the Cloudflare 'Fake' SSL for my website.
Now, based on your replies.
I want to install Lets Encrypt on my Hosting Account.
Currently I have access on SSH but no root previleges.
Is it possible to Install Let's Encrypt using SSH even without root?

btw, thanks for the replies.
-Im no good in English so please bear with me, :V

You probably found a solution by now, but I will give you my input.
You can get a temporary VPS (ones that last 3 hours or so). With that, you would just have to point the domains to the IP address of that and issue the certificate. I also have a Namecheap shared hosting account, and I've done that. If you still need help, feel free to send me a PM and I'll walk you through it.
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i used cloudflare shared ssl in my site without any problem

AlphaSSL wildcard is dead. As I mentioned long ago it would happen one day. Singlehop has questioned the high volume of certificates used outside their service by a single user and the project was shutdown.

Also everything is visible about the shutdown on the LET thread where it originally started.
I think this topic is needed to be updated a few of the 1yr or 3yr ssl are not available anymore or site is down.. Is there any new ssl provider in town who offer 1yr free ssl and is trusted ?
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