[SOLVED] Hostigation Charlotte Outage
Dear VPS 18 Owners,

The data center in Charlotte, North Carolina will move Hostigation's cabinets to a different location on their campus and therefore there will be an outage.

Outage date: 15th June 2016
Time: 9 am EST
Time window: 5 hours

Quote:06/07/2016 12:15 EST - Caronet will be moving our cabinets between their DC campus on Wednesday 15 June 2016 at 9am EST and have a 5 hour window, but the work I expected to be completed much quicket. The window is there for unforseen issues.
will it take full 5 hours or it can take more than 5 hours.....
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(2016-06-15, 12:31:02 am)Decent12 Wrote: will it take full 5 hours or it can  take more than 5 hours.....

They are expecting less than 5 hours as written on the quote, did you read that?
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The move should be done within much less time. The 5 hour window has been added for unforseen things such as possible replacement of hardware, recovery and etc.
It still seems to be down after 5 hours. Any updates?

EDIT: It just successfully booted
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our vps is now up but crashing my game server after downtime.
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Whole operation must be finished by now. But they haven't posted anything about it in Twitter yet.
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Quote:06/15/2016 17:44 EST - Still trying to recover from move in Charlotte, down to those things hosted on the Ceph cluster, they are being very slow to boot, but I havve a few booted now, this includes most Proxmox OpenVZ and shared hosting

I assume our service that we have with them is all online hence why I am marking this as solved.

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