Poll: Do you own a gun?
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Do you own a gun?
I can't own a real gun here unless I get a license to do it as a hobby, which of course is only pistols and rifles which shoot those light bullets that are incapable of harming anyone just there to hit blinks and such. I loved to shoot on blinks when I was younger and would go to places where you could borrow equipment to shoot and tournaments about it, but never competed with others just did that for fun. Nevertheless my interest hit rock bottom and I saw no need to do that anymore. There is always the possibility of owning a fake replica model out of plastic, a real one that where they destroyed the shooting mechanism or get a hunters license and start doing hunting (something I'm not going to do as my father did not pass that hobby/duty onto me).

Out philosophy is that if there are no guns nobody is going to use a gun, and it works. Police have long been without guns only when absolutely needed and so criminals haven't been using guns either Smile
I dont have now but i thinking about to buy one becuase gun is needed thing in pakistan..
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Although I'm completely in favour of the right to bear arms, I don't own a gun. I've never needed to have one. If I were living in an environment where protection is necessary I'd buy one. It would bug me however, as with owning a gun comes great responsibility and also the knowledge that if one used it one could end up killing someone.
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Was going to vote 'No' but then i saw this:
(2016-06-13, 6:06:19 am)sahil Wrote:  Well I do not own any gun but I'm planning to purchase one, for shooting range. What about you? Hit yes even if you have air pistol Tounge
You mean like toy gun with 'Air pistol', right?
(2016-06-17, 2:21:13 am)Gries Wrote:  Was going to vote 'No' but then i saw this:
You mean like toy gun with 'Air pistol', right?

Yes ofcourse, what you thought? An SKS? hehe

The poll results are pretty impressive, never thought that geeks like to have a weapon. in real life
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I live in The State of Texas in the United States. Currently I do not own a gun. However, I may obtain one in the future.
Yes, an Air gun with 4.5mm bullet for hunting little creatures Cheese
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No I don't, in my country you need a licence and it's hard to get one.
No. It is very hard to get a gun in my state. It can take weeks, to months, You also have to pass a series of tests.
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I currently do not but I may consider it in the future. I own a couple BB guns to mess around with but that's it.
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