Poll: Do you own a gun?
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7 12.50%
49 87.50%
Total 56 vote(s) 100%
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Do you own a gun?
i have never been an owner of a gun...but i like to have one in my kitty
No, I don't own a gun, and I don't think that I will own in future, since I don't need it.
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I Voted No Because i do not have a gun and i do not needed And in our Country Is Not Easy To Have Real Gun
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Regarding the authority of having a gun must be rechecked as of the current situation people, specially young generation are vulnerable to terrorism and drug usage.This is actually becoming a threat to the individual freedom.When I read news I read through some crazy guy shooting some tens of people and then the cops shooot the crazy man leading to a massacre.Do we need this danger?
What this is mostly used for destruction, not for defense by normal people.
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Yes! I have an air pistol! But I didn't buy one. I got it as a gift. Funny selection!
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Yeah! Thinking of buying a gun for myself and realy needed because it is really unsafe in here.
But it will cost me around 1.5 lack INR.
I don't own a gun and I don't even feel the need to own one. The latest events in the USA should have proven that guns are never good and the logic that if you have a gun you can defend yourself is simply rubbish.
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Nope, I have never owned a gun and don't plan on owning one anytime soon.
Is there any way that I can see the people's name who have voted yes? Cheese
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I personally prefer to defend myself with my body and maybe a quarterstaff. No, it wouldn't work against someone armed with a gun themselves, but if both parties have guns, both will probably shoot. I prefer to be non-provocative and live to fight another day (robbers want your valuables, not your life).
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