Poll: Do you own a gun?
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Do you own a gun?
Well I do not own any gun but I'm planning to purchase one, for shooting range. What about you? Hit yes even if you have air pistol Tongueout
Nope, and i don't think i'll buy one in the future.
I've an AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikov 74) from Russia (there are AK-47s produced in many countries like China, Poland, Hungary but I've a real on from Russia). It is not a sharp shooter because it was disabled. So it is a great show piece hanging at the wall. Mag is in A1 condition and working. Reloading also works. Pulling the trigger when loaded produces the click sound when you'd basically shoot but of course there is no shot bolt - hence why it cannot shoot (because disabled by law).

The loader is drilled & welded and so is the barrel + missing shot bolt. Anything else works as is.

[Image: T2_side.jpg]
I dont have any guns and I dont think I'll ever plan on getting one
Never thought of buying guns or any weapons, and will never buy them. Here in India guns and weapons laws are very strict, and its good for us as retards get hands on guns and go on shooting spree like they doing in USA.
Voted no because I don't own any gun.

But I do want to try to get one hanging at my wall. Sadly in my place buying guns is restricted and it's not easy to own a real gun.
I don't have one.

But I'd like to get one for shooting practice. (Even just an airsoft one lol)
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Don't have a gun and I think everyone might rule out guns because of what happened: https://www.yahoo.com/news/shooting-flor...36181.html
no doesn't own one, and probably will not either buy one as well,
but if you ask what gun i would like to own, it would be a sniper, long range shot Laugh
(2016-06-13, 7:10:25 pm)RebornLegacy Wrote: Don't have a gun and I think everyone might rule out guns because of what happened: https://www.yahoo.com/news/shooting-flor...36181.html

Never going to happen, people will go against any such ruling as it is a violation of the constitution and a human right to own a gun. People do need to be able to protect themselves either against a burglar, or an invasion army...
So Say We All

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