NodeBlade & HostDare Sponsorship
Nice SSD storage capacity and bandwidth. Welcome to our New Sponsor NodeBlade and HostDare!
That's some nice VPS servers! Thanks HostDare and NodeBlade!
Thanks For the VPS 18 FreeVPS.

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(2016-06-21, 8:24:42 pm)Optimus Wrote:  1x VPS 24
Disk Size: 80 GB SSD
Monthly Traffic: 3 TB
Memory: 2 GB
IP Addresses: 1x IPv4 & /64 IPv6
Virtualization: OpenVZ
Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S
Control Panel: SolusVM
Connection: 1 Gbit/s

This one sounds great at all, bad location for me. Cheese 
Anyways thanks to NodeBlade and HostDare for the sponsorship. Smile
Hello there!

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If things keep up like this, you guys will have to divide the VPSs into groups and assign multiple staff members to take care of the distribution and management of the servers. Otherwise, I have a feeling that @cw1998 is in for a rough time Tounge
Welcome  nodeblade and hostdare to freevps community And Thank you for sponsoring such a nice vps.
[Edit] Crying hostdare does not allow game server. but both are so good.
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Gameservers are not allowed as we have seen many customers bringing the whole node down with games.
Oh i liked the vps specs but they do not allow gameservers, but specs are really good, it would be good if they had allowed gameservers as their memory is good for gameservers.
Nice addition to be honest! Welcome !

Looking forward to these VPs's on future giveaways Cheese
greate Specs but the location is not suitable for me and way great addition
Very good vps's. Too bad its only for US, but very good indeed.

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