Which BitTorrent Software Do you use ?
utorrent is the best and small client for windows . I used several others like vuze, bittorrent , deluge etc. but utorrent is the best i mst say
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(2016-06-29, 6:39:30 pm)naxx Wrote:  Used qTorrent until i heard it was full of malware that you can't delete. Then I started using BitTorrent client then.

μTorrent and BitTorrent are almost the same software and made by the same company (BitTorrent Inc.)
Go down to the end of the page then click to "Company About"

And that wasn't a malware. That was a cryptocurrency miner software.

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Note: You accepted to license to install Epic Sale during installation.
But if you had automatic update enabled then you didn't receive such a notification.


But from since then I don't use μTorrent. I searched for other options and found qBittorrent.
I am using qBitTorrent if I need a torrent client. I don't use P2P often and if I do then I prefer a P2P to HTTP transloading service such as Torx. qBitTorrent is free and open source. No ads, no bundleware, no malware or any other bad/annoying stuff.
(2016-06-30, 9:42:05 pm)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  I am using qBitTorrent if I need a torrent client.

Same. And Transmission if I'm on linux since I can also control it remotely and can use it as a server to act as a more dedicated IRC client.
I'm using uTorrent Portable on my PC and Flux on my android. uTorrent is lightweight, that's what I like about it and Flux is beautiful with the material design on Android. In terms of usability, both are nice.
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am using utorrent old version thats not exist ads only simple fast ui design . am only download torrent with filestream to idm direct download
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I mostly use ktorrent, one of the best features that i like about Linux distros is these apps that come with each distro. I torrent is good enough for me with many features.
BitComet is the best for me now ( allows me to easily leach when i need to Tounge )

Deluge , Mtorrent and qbittorrent are awesome ones too !
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I use Utorrent and never had any problem
just fix a low upload if you have a low connection
uTorrent Pro 3.7 paid for it never looked back. It allows me to stream .mkv files as well. A huge boon for a TV/Movie buff like me..
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