Which BitTorrent Software Do you use ?
I am not big fan of torrent for some reasons i am using qbittorrent, also used utorrent,bittorrent,bitlord, etc but qbittorrent is the winner for me.
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i used µtorrent but i face many problems because my anti virus ESET NOD 32 always blocks some trackers from µtorrent
i think you should beware this programm from net fishing (hackers)...
I think if one doesn't know enough about Torrents (like I do) one shouldn't use it or use it with great care - like one should do one's homework first and ask for advice from those who have knowledge and experience. My ISP in South Africa frowns on the use of Torrents and monitors any spikes that happens with one's resources so one has to be pretty shrewd with picking the right Torrent software as well as user group. So some geeks here in South Africa have done something similar as with qtorrent - started their own selective torrent groups that are exclusive to South Africa and knows how to work their way around the local ISP's (there only one really serious one) scrutiny tests. So far I haven't really needed to use Torrents to the extent of studying precisely how it works around here, but I'd imagine the same goes world wide. One needs to get to grips how one's ISP feels about the use and how the local community uses it - it is something worth investigating before one takes a leap into it.
If you are a newbie at these stuff like Torrent then there are few basic rules to follow. If you are using public torrents then always read comments and also download only from reputed members. Even better if you can stick with those private torrent sites with memberships. They are usually through about their stuff.

Another thing is having a good upto date virus guard. Virus guard will react after if you download something fishy. When when it's just a fales positive it will simply delete the file. Most virus guards today take no chances.

When It comes to internet everything has certain amount of risk. You just need to manage it.
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what is bitorrent? dont u mean utorrent? first time i hear about it lol

BitTorrent is the Peer to Peer (P2P) protocol behind all the file transfers via Torrents and is used when downloading files through Torrent Trackers. At the same time BitTorrent is also a Torrent client, originally made by the developers of the BitTorrent P2P protocol.

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