[SOLVED] VPS 18 ongoing connectivity issues
Dear FreeVPS Directory & Discussion VPS 18 Owners,

Our hosting provider VPS 18 Hostigation is currently having some issues at upstream level at their Charlotte, North Carolina location data center where all the VPS 18s are.

IPv6 is apparently fully not working and one certain /23 range of IPv4 IP addresses is also having massive connectivity issues world wide with certain bandwidth and route carriers like Level3. Hostigation has an open announcement regarding this incident: https://hostigation.com/billing/announce...php?id=260

As you can see in the announcement there is currently no ETA for a fix of this issue. I am also a owner of a VPS 18 and I cannot reach my VPS 18 at all because my route and bandwidth to the CLT, NC Hostigation DC goes over Level3 while another user and owner of a VPS 18 I know has no issues as their route bandwidth goes over another carrier.

We're very sorry for the caused inconveniece and ask for your understanding as this issue is out of our control and also out of control of the provider. The data center is working on a fix.
Oh my God at last its announced officially i am really worried because i think only my vps is not working No problem if they have Problems I can wait Laugh
[Image: img.php?userid=19215]

You should always check the provider's site, their Twitter, Facebook and so on. We might be busy or something else might be more important hence why we might forgot to open an announcement of open it later.

The official Hostigation announcement has been opened yesterday already. The issue you had yesterday is related to this issue.
For anyone who wonders: if your ISP is connecting through Cogent on the bandwidth route everything works flawlessly from ICMP, traceroute etc. I can't say you are unlucky/luckit if it still works for you since you are using Cogent, but at least I feel lucky to be completely unaffected by the ongoing issue Smile

What I am trying to say to you is if it's urgent to access your VPS try using a VPN and you could possibly regain access to it again since you could be using another bandwidth carrier or route point.
https://hostigation.com/billing/announce...php?id=260 Wrote:07/01/2013 19:46 EST - Our Network Engineers confirm connectivity has been restored. Can you please confirm and let us know if you have any issues. We apologize about the inconvenience.

Network connectivity has been fully restored therefore this incident is resolved. If you still should have problems please open a support thread in the correct support forum and we will take care of it.

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