How to setup a simple IRC Server on your VPS
I would have to agree with one of the other posters on InspIRCd, it is definitely an excellent preference for me. I enjoy the flexibility that it provides. However, I also agree that more and more individuals are starting to migrate to different platforms for communications. I believe that Discord is a notable platform that is used primarily for gaming.
It looks quite easy to set up, however some people probably will go to newer programs for communicate. Examples are DIscord and Teamspeak, both very popular for gaming. If someone's setting this up, please make sure your provider allows it! Smile
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It's pretty easy to install but I will stay for now with InspIRCd. About people using discord or teamspeak talk, I will say, those are much for talk (aka blah, blah, blah xD) and with irc you can chat more privately and even sharing files with your friends. That is the main reason why irc is still alive after all of this years, if not, tell that to anime fansubs for example, lot of them use ONLY irc for anime sharing and it is fast as hell in some cases.
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i have a question. if i want to make irc in my windows vps. how can i do it?
(2017-08-11, 8:05:12 pm)OldMeister Wrote:  i have a question. if i want to make irc in my windows vps. how can i do it?

Well, you need the Windows version of UnreallRCd or InspIRCd and a documentation made for Windows. Everything is freely available on the Internet with a bit of research.

Windows UnreallRCd:
Windows InspIRCd:

Installation guide for UnreallRCd on Windows:
Installation guide for InspIRCd on Windows:

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