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Beer! For Sure!
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Coffee!! That make sense
24 92.31%
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Coffee vs Beer - Programmers' choice
(2016-07-26, 2:12:20 am)Jayce Wrote:  Coffee of course, drinking beer would limit your creativity and you'll commit huge mistakes. This question has only one answer, which is coffee. No idea why you think that someone would drink beer while working in his project.

hehe, right right. Also read above, I've already stated why I think someone would drink
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Beer man. With the right amount of alcohol you can get quite creative. I never liked coffee. Probably because my heard condition can barely keep up with the stuff I'm already consuming. Adding coffee to the mix would certainly shorten my lifespan of creativity Cheese

So yeah, beer all day. However, the OP did not specify the quantity. So I'm assuming it's for us to decide. And I'm making this choice with small quantities in mind.

That being said. I don't consume neither on a regular basis. Especially coffee. It's just the choice I'd make if I had to.
I love Coffee, while working till late night coffee helps a lot in not feeling sleepy and concentrating on the work.
I like Coffee of course - this question has only one answer
My vote goes to coffee. It will prevent you from getting sleepy.
I still love coffee, but is that "ballmer peak" really happened?
coffee i guess as u can become dozzy after 2-3 beers but your sesnses will be always on high pitch
Another vote for coffee. Specially if i have to pull a full night. But i usually drink tea while i work.
Coffee gives me wing. Whenever I want to code at night I keep coffee nearby.
"We are dev, We turn caffeine to code."
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Coffee all the way! Only because I don't drink beer! ;p
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