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Coffee vs Beer - Programmers' choice
I drink none of these two but I drink English tea instead. I think it is a lot more pleasant than beer and coffee and it is just what I need after many hours of hard work to be able to continue working. I also drink a lot of water.
I normally prefer a beer since it gives me the opportunity to make a pause from work and to make my mind rest.
But I'm talking of really good German beer which I love to drink.
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I'd definitely chose coffee over beer in such situations when I need to work in full concentration.
Caffeine helps people a lot! It actually energises you when you need it where as the beer actually gives you a belly and does no good...
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I'm more of a tea person but if I have to choose between Coffee and Beer than I would go for coffee. Beer is not my thing.
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Definitely coffee. Beer would make it harder to focus on your work. With coffee it relieves you from being tired and helps you focus.

One of my favorite programming quotes is "Programmers are machines that turn coffee into code."
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When I work on some project, I would take a coffe. I also drink some beer in free time.
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I don't drink beer, I drink it couple of times but not anymore.
I am a daily coffee user, I drink it 2 times, so coffee is my choice always.
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Well i can use a cup of cofee now. but if programming gets too much complicated i left it alone and grab some beverages to clear the mind.
The problem with coffee is that right now I'm kind of addicted to it because without drinking it I'm really tired and I can't manage to study and work all day but when it's time to sleep it takes ages and I end up falling asleep very late causing the circle to start again.
A beer doesn't cause similar problems, notice that I'm talking about a single beer and not an entire pack. 😂
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