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Coffee vs Beer - Programmers' choice
What would you like to have when you are in tough strategic situation, almost messed everything up and barely can see  one hope that have very low chances of getting the work done? What would you like to have? Coffee or beer? and why? Just asking generally no hard feelings Cheese
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[ CodingProperly ]
None of the two.  When I'm in a bind I'm so focused on an "out", I kind'a thrive on the adrenaline of needing to get out of that bind straightaway.  Making coffee or tea or fetching something would be furthest from my mind, like it would feel like a luxury and waste of precious time.  Once the problem is solved, I celebrate with whatever is around.  If I can't solve it at all, and am ready to drop, then I'll take a break completely away from the desk and that's usually with TV watching the news. listening and focusing on music, or just completely distracting, resting and recreating my mind. May also include asking someone for help.
I'd have coffee if I'm sleepy.

I won't get any of the two if I'm not sleepy.

I won't take beer since I don't like it lol.
Quote:when you are in tough strategic situation
I may not prefer both, rather if I have time I will possibly go for a nap thinking the best solution for the problem, I solved many such problems after a sleep, between I like to have cofee at night if I have to finish the work in a hurry.
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Definitely not beer, beer will make the mind not working as it should be, so will go for a coffee
I Prefer Coffee ,In My Experience Beer Will Make Your Work Slow .
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None of the above. Smile

Coffee doesn't work for me. And beer just makes me have to go to the toilet.

I would just take a small rest, and perhaps have some tea if I mess something up.
I'm just going to leave this here

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(2016-07-26, 1:01:36 am)underd0g Wrote:  I'm just going to leave this here

[Image: ballmer_peak.png]

Haha I find that amusing, well the reasons why Im comparing coffee with beer is a strange question that I got after watching the movie "The Social Network" they are trying to show that mark zuckerburg used to drink beer while coding for the apps. [ That face swap ]. I personally haven't seen most of the programmers drinking while working on their projects.. It's not piece of cake, we all know that..
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[ CodingProperly ]
Coffee of course, drinking beer would limit your creativity and you'll commit huge mistakes. This question has only one answer, which is coffee. No idea why you think that someone would drink beer while working in his project.

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