New Staff Position Opening
Dear Respected Members of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion,

Due to less staff activity recently and after several talks, we decided to open up new moderators position to help in spreading the workload and moderating the forum, we will be taking x2 (two) new moderators.

What will be required of me as a new moderator?

As a moderator your job will be to:
  • Read the majority of the new posts that are posted throughout the forum
  • Delete any posts which do not comply with the rules (such as Low quality, bad English, violation of any other rule)
  • Try your best to help out other users who may PM you (and forward them to an admin if more help is required)

What are the minimum requirements for this position?
As a moderator you must be able to:
  • Spend around half an hour per day, reading and moderating all new posts (this is a shared workload, some new posts will have already been moderated probably)
  • Use your initiative to make decisions based on the situation you are dealing with (For example, a user who has just posted a lot of spam)

You also must have:
  • Been a member of these forums for over a year, and have a good knowledge of how this site operates

(Optional requirements, but will help your application!)
The ideal moderator:
  • Can spend more than half an hour a day to make sure posts get moderated as fast as possible (To reiterate, the other moderators and myself will still moderate posts. It is a shared workload)
  • Can speak good English to communicate with clarity so that users who do not speak English well can better understand what you are telling them
  • Join in with the community! A moderator can also post just like a regular user! They don't have to be always in the background
  • Goes the extra mile to help a user

I think I meet the minimum requirements! How do I apply?
Great! Just post a new thread in the VPS Request section with subject "Moderator Position Application" (Or similar) with the following information:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Why you think you would be great for this position

Applicants might be asked further questions if need be during the process of choosing a new moderator to join the team!

The staff will discuss who we think is best suited for the position from the applications received, and if we believe that we have found someone fit for the position, we will notify you by PM or so, confirming if you would like the position!

I'll also thank HR and Chris to have given me the opportunity of serving as an admin with all the task that comes along, it's a great privilege. Good Luck
That's great initiative, voting could be here ( just an opinion ). One question, is that paid position?
Thank you  and for FREE VPS! 

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Sahil, i don't think voting would be a good idea, yeah i know its your opinion, but let me tell you the reasons.

1. Its not a good way to choose admins from voting, because some people might support their friends.
2. Let admin choose them, because admins know the ways of how they should work.
3. How can we know that person will still loyal here? I have seen so many old members here who are not active here, so what if a person does same when he becomes moderator of the forum.
4. Being a moderator is not an easy work, and its responsible work, so we should let admin choose them.
sahli: no, it's not paid, it's 100% voluntary.

Lampard: I think moderators still have to post 15/30 posts per month to keep their VPSs plus they have to do additional tasks.
And don't forget that the moderators are also moderated by administrators. But I don't think that this would be necessary because only the most trusted members will be chosen.
is a good position for learning more than users, good luck for all members who going to apply moderator. Smile
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Nice to hear about this, good luck to all of those who apply to become a moderator here!
-karatekidmonkey (
Thanks to ZXPlay for my VPS!


It will help a lot to own a smartphone if you are going to be a mod. But then who doesn't own one these days ?! Why , me ! Tounge

Else I could be more active and apply myself. But I dont ever want a smartphone. Hence Tounge
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
(2016-07-23, 6:54:22 am)Lampard Wrote:  Sahil, i don't think voting would be a good idea, yeah i know its your opinion, but let me tell you the reasons.

Agreed. I find it strange to ask members to apply in this way instead of the Admin head picking them and inviting them to be Mods.  I'd be worried that your really good and deserving candidates may decide they're not the right ones to apply for the wrong reasons.  The Admin may be the best ones to judge whether they are or are not without the risk of losing those applications by basically asking them to compete with others.  It may discourage some good ones to apply.
This is a responsible task, I hope the new
moderators will learn the duties, behaviours
and policies from the current staff team. I
hope the moderators will be cooperating with
the users and colleagues and appreciate the
efforts of anyone without any partiality and
ego problems. I hope and wish they will keep
the peace and happiness around here.
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nice way to add a staff..i suggest forum admins to add a optional donate option..whoever wants can donate via paypal or whatever...and at the end of the month pay the staffs a little bit to get them a cup of coffee..token of their hard working..just a personal suggestion though

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