BoneVM going out of business
I was shocked when I received a pm to BoneVM closure. Sad because I was just getting to enjoy their service.
Best luck to them.
/We cannot solve our problems with the SAME THINKING we used when we CREATED THEM.
That was a sad news for us as a member of freevps Community. BoneVM is a good service provider.
BoneVM thanks for your great services and Good luck to the community of BoneVm for the future..

Sad to hear that. Thanks for stay on FreeVPS, BoneVM.
Good luck to your next project Sad
Thanks and ZXPlay for VPS7 Smile

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This sponsorship meant a lot for some people... BoneVM will be greatly missed <3 Rest in Peace
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damn, BoneVM was good i heard, Rest in Peace. good luck to them though Smile
well i had a vps from bonevm once and it was great another good provider gone
When I see a farewell from some great things I feel emotional, I have not used their service, but I feel pain when hearing one of the freevps sponsors leaving the business.Thank you BoneVM, we love you, all the best for your proffession.As I read in early comments you have given a good experience to your customers, you made your knowledge into practical, you are brave and inspiring.
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#SaveFreeVPS for the future
Sorry about the late farewell, but I've heard BoneVM is an excellent service provider, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt Smile
Farewell, BoneVM, and good luck to the owner!
-karatekidmonkey (
Thanks to ZXPlay for my VPS!


What a shame. Always hate to see providers go.
* The Man Who Can presses F to pay respects
hi, I'm tmwc.
I'm not active here anymore.
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