Zoho Mail vs Yandex Mail
Just an update.
I did say Yandex' GUI is horrible/ugly... just noticed today that they have updated their designs. YAY.
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Moved 2 of my domains to Yandex. My client/friend loving Yandex aswell.

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Yandex has been making leaps but for some reason they still get my mail sent to spam. Weird, but anyway.

I can deal with that for now.
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I said that I switched from Yandex to Zoho, and after their GUI update and some troubles with Zoho, I switched back to Yandex Smile
I have been using Zoho Mail for one of my small organizations for a bit and I enjoy the advanced administration features that come. I will have to take a look into Yandex.
Currently using Zoho Mail service but I saw that yandex change their GUI so I think I will try to use it and see how is the service.
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An update, sometimes, Yandex emails deliver emails delay. I tried to send an email from my google apps to yandex, and it arrived after 10-30mins. Out of 7 test emails, only 5 were sent straight to my inbox. I'm not sure what happened. Tested on 2 domains.
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I did the following.

Registered to Yandex and jumped over to Zohomail.
The zoho mail intergration is flawless and you get the SPF, Dkim, verification done within 10 minutes.
It's a guided interface, it's hard to go wrong.

I deregistered the domain and email on my Zohomail and tried applying the same domain on Yandex.
I've been trying for 6 hours and it has no success in verification.

http://www.domain.tld/secret.html is working 
CNAME is a question because everything don't work.
There's no Feedback, livechats or contact us forms available on Yandex to assist.

On another domain which i managed to get verified and registered on Yandex.
The Dkim verification on Cloudflare, on name cheap, don't work. 
I've copied everything from the DNS editor to make sure everything keyed is right.

I must say Yandex is a PITA to adopt. Though it's pretty generous.
(2017-08-10, 9:58:54 pm)qwe7410 Wrote:  I must say Yandex is a PITA to adopt. Though it's pretty generous.

I can absolutely not agree with this!

The main issue is the DNS propagation time. If you jump things quickly they won't work. This is something you will experience with a lot of services.

Yes, sometimes it works pretty much instantly BUT very often it doesn't because DNS propagation is simply different everywhere and not always instantly rechecked when queries are made. And don't forget that there is the DNS cache that will deliver the old results until the cache expires (which can take hours sometimes up to a day or so? - depends on the configurations).

I too often jumped the trigger too quick. Then I used services like whatsmydns and figured out that DNS records haven't even updated for like the whole world or huge parts of the world (atleast from the location the site offers). After all was updated everything went absolutely fine on Yandex and all was working including DKIM, SPF and so on.

I have to admit though that Yandex actually doesn't provide DNS records by default for DKIM and such. You will have to open the DNS tab for your domain later on to actually get the DNS records for DKIM and so on. When I started with Yandex I never knew about this but learned quickly after taking a deep look into the whole interface (I use the Russian service as I registered with them when the English service site didn't exists).

And with Zoho. Well, I've nothing bad to report either. Same issues. Just wait until DNS records are properly updated and you're good to go.
For me both are good and working awesome though yandex moved yandex mail to yandex connect and it seems now you can connect more then one domains in one single yandex account and manage all from single panel.
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I had problems with Yandex too. Like Zoho has always worked seamless and perfect for me yet with Yandex I battled and finally gave up. But looking at @HiddenRefuge's comment I now have a better understanding why. Probably because I was so well served by Zoho and really liked how it worked, I gave up on Yandex. Like why struggle when it's so much easier with Zoho.

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