Zoho Mail vs Yandex Mail
(2017-08-30, 2:56:42 pm)Kururin Wrote:  Well in terms of yandex rank in russia i think its like google there almost, but anyway the more bigger the company the worst the privacy it gets as can be seen by google. The more ads they will run and the more data they will collect to either sell, improve (data mining) or etc.

Just a side note:
In Russia almost everyone use Yandex instead of Google, Mail.ru instead of Gmail and VK instead of Facebook.
And not just in Russia, also in most post Soviet Union countries which still use Cyrillic letters.
Zoho just limited their email forwarding to Paid members so that's a big con for me
Source: https://www.zoho.com/mail/help/email-forwarding.html

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