What Anime are you looking forward to in 2017?
(2016-08-27, 10:56:02 am)Hvcs Wrote:  I personally highly doubt there will ever be a return on Bleach's anime. The manga recently ended, and it was ended in a brutally short and abrupt way. The Manga's creator wasn't happy anymore / motivated in doing Bleach, and he hadn't been getting along with Shounen Jump for a very long time already. There have been rumors of Bleach returning nearly every year since 2012, when it ended, but they've always just been that, rumors.

Of course I as well wish for a new season, but maybe it's best to let the saga rest.

Guess I'll have to start reading the manga again then. I'll be waiting 2017 to see if there is some news about that matter.
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Viewing/subbing Berserk 2016 (I'm not an english speaker, but making the translation from english to spanish), Musou HxH (the "plot" is good, if you know what i meant) and re-seeing old anime series.

About the bleach thing, the anime probably will appear again. The ones that create the anime told to the people that they will wait til the end of the manga to make a new season of the anime, that will be the last arc of the manga if I'm not wrong.
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I am really looking forward to the second season of Attack on Titan! Other than that, I'm not really sure what to watch.
(2016-09-02, 1:44:08 pm)Deoxys Wrote:  I am really looking forward to the second season of Attack on Titan! Other than that, I'm not really sure what to watch.

Yeah that's pretty hype!
Also the second season of Nanatsu no Taizai a.k.a Seven Deadly Sins
I'm looking forward to see the "Ghost in Shell" classical cult Japanese anime adaptation by Steven Spielberg.
The film has been in the making since 2008.

Here is the trailer:

It is a must to watch on my 2017 list. Smile
Some new dragon ball would be nice. I really liked dragon ball super, made me feel like a kid again.
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I am really waiting for yowamushi season 3 to be start Because Some one suggested me this and when i watch some pics i got interest
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I heard a news that Hunter X Hunter anime to return in 2017 don't know whether it is true Sad
Looking forward to watch Shingeki No Kyojin 2 on April.
And One Punch Man 2 that I hope would be aired in 2017
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Yeah ghost in the shell and wonder women what I am waiting for. There promos are awesome.

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