[CLOSED] 4 VPS Available! - August Giveaway 2016

I changed my first application several times. As long as you give 24 hours between final change and end of giveaway, it's probably fine.
(2016-08-18, 2:21:23 am)karatekidmonkey Wrote:  This is a great giveaway, good luck to all who apply!
Also, why is BoneVM still on the comparator Smile

We're going to phase it out towards the end of August as BoneVM will shutdown on the 1st of Sept.

It's nothing you should worry about anyway.
Good giveaway, specially the VPS 2 has some generous RAM on offering.
Would love to apply to get those.
I would like to thank freevps.us for the knowldge i gained through your forum.
Good giveaway, and the new addition is also good. I will not apply for it. Good luck to everyone.
the requests will be processed today by the evening, good luck, those who didn't win any vps in the 1st initial part they will still have time to re apply for the 2nd part of it.
Those new VPSs are very tempting, however I am so much happy with my current VPSs Tounge

Good luck for those who apply.
Thank you FreeVPS and ZXPlay for VPS 7 and 19

[Image: show_img.php?userid=17170&vpscount=2]

Don't PM me for support, use an appropriate forum to ask for support
Thank you for the VPS 6 and good luck everyone with the next giveaway!
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

[Image: img.php?userid=19316]
Round 2 is now on. Gratz to the winners of the round 1 VPSes Smile
Got VPS 18. Thanks FreeVPS and Hostigation, and good luck to the others who are entering!
hi, I'm tmwc.
I'm not active here anymore.
Meh, didn't get the VPS that I wanted but I think it was a good try. Congratulations to whoever won the good VPS.
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