[CLOSED] 4 VPS Available! - August Giveaway 2016
4 VPSs Available! 

A big thanks once again to GalaxyHostPlus who sponsored us a new VPS (VPS 27)

VPSs Available:
  • 1x VPS 2
  • 1x VPS 3
  • 1x VPS 4
  • 1x VPS 6
  • 4x VPS 15
  • 1x VPS 18
  • 1x VPS 20
  • 1x VPS 21
  • 1x VPS 23
  • 1x VPS 27 (New!)
Compare VPSs here: https://freevps.us/compare/#2,3,4,6,15,18,20,21,23,27

The winners will be decided on Friday 19th August 2016 

Good Luck!

Important note if you are applying for a VPS 11 or 15 Please include in your request which operating system you would like installed, and in which location you want the VPS (if multiple locations are available). Please say if you have no preference, and the first location available will be selected automatically. If you do not specify which OS you want, your request may be ignored, and given to another requesting user.

Information on owning two VPSs:
Please read the information in this thread for information on owning 2 VPSs: https://freevps.us/thread-17136.html

  1. By applying for a VPS, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
  2. Make sure you meet the requirements, the requirements page also details how you can go about applying for a VPS.
  3. If you want a VPS, post your application in the VPS Requests forum (before you do this read How to apply).
  4. Read the how to apply guide before applying. Applications in a wrong format or with missing entries may be ignored!
  5. Read the game server policy before applying!
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This is my first giveaway as admin, would like to thank HR and Chris for giving me this opportunity
I have been waiting for this giveaway for a long time... Good luck to all participants!
[Image: 5d79e0f7c0732ca3a1c85a3e5f4f9498.gif]                                                                                    [Image: thapple.gif~c200]
Good luck to everyone! By the way, I think there's a typo in the original post. It says the winners are announced on the 19th but that's a Friday, not Monday.
Thank you ZXPlay and FreeVPS for my VPS 7
Best of luck to anyone participating! VPS2 is pretty nice and is up for grabs =)
My website: https://dawgy.pw
Good luck everyone. Such a nice giveaway. I'm aiming for those France located VPSs.
ahh me come at correct time here i was in some schools works but tommorow i got some holidays so this time i will wish Good Luck to you all and such a nice giveaway
[Image: img.php?userid=19215]
Thats good, i was waiting for the VPS located to france because its near my country,
(2016-08-16, 6:01:57 pm)playa Wrote:  Thats good, i was waiting for the VPS located to france because its near my country,

Hi Playa.  I learned through hard experience that geographical location is not necessarily the main factor in VPS speed.  You need to ping the locations first as it may surprise you to find that a location much further to you geographically may be much faster.  Like the real critical factor is how your ISP is routed to your destination IP.  Check the VPS Info at freevps, and/or Google the host you're interested in and you'll get a link there for a looking glass/speed test.

For example my ISP is located in the UAE.  Dallas in the United States is triple as fast as Europe to my ISP.
Good luck to everyone. And nice to see that more and more European servers are available.
Good luck to everyone, nice VPSes especially the VPS 2 has nice specs.
I'll try my luck on one of those EU VPS.

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