WebHostingLoud.com: New Post2Host - Free VPS - 1 Thread Required

WebHostingLoud.com provide Free VPN and Linux VPS in return of posting quality thread. Requirement is 1 thread each month. If you failed to qualify this requirement then we will cancel your VPS/VPN.

VPS Info: :qq:
- 15GB Disk space
- 500GB Monthly bandwidth
- SolusVM Control Panel
- Paid customer like support
- Location: USA
- Thread Required: 1  (At lest 1000 word tutorial article with image)

About Tutorial:
- Must be step by step.
- 1000 word with screenshot/image.

- Tutorial must be written on:
-- cPanel/WHM, CentOS, Linux Operating System, How to setup software, install, configure, hosting related tutorial, hOw to setup proxy, VPN, How to install software on any other VPS/Server provider like OVH, setup VPS node on OVH, etc provider. It should be not look like a advertisement.
- Before writing a tutorial, PM us with your thread title and what you will post.

Only 1 thread is required per month.

- 500GB Monthly bandwidth
- OpenVPN

To provide support, emergency alert, account management, You will be required to register account on our client area using your real identity. Fake account will be removed. We follow FreeVPS rule so we do not ask for CC/etc.

Note: We do not allow Mass mailing, GSA, Automated posting software, illegal activity. No low quality post or copy paste thread.

P2H Forum Link: http://webhostingloud.com

Once you qualify our requirement then you can apply for VPS or VPN. 1 VPS or VPN each user. No multiple accounts.

Currently 5 VPS/VPN are available.

The specifications sounds good, though don't you think that disk space is a bit low? 15 GB won't do anything nowadays.
Edit: sorry, was sleepy while writing the post so I forgot to congratulate you and wish you luck. Good luck, and congratulations. Smile
@DewlanceVPS. Congratulations with your new service and wishing you good luck. What happens once one has made the 20 posts? How does one apply for the VPS? This information doesn't seem to be available at the Forum, or perhaps if it is, can you provide us with a link to the information.
At this point in time, the free virtual server forum market is quite saturated, being that we now have FreeVPS, FDC, Post4VPS, etc.

Anyways, I wish you the best of luck with your forum.
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-- William Shakespeare

Rest in peace, FreeVPS. The forum will be sorely missed.

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Ah. That's nice. It always feels good to see another post2host to go in to the ring.

Good luck!
Thanks For the VPS 18 FreeVPS.

My Post Count:

[Image: img.php?1&userid=13454]

FreeVPS Moderation Team - Make a thread in "VPS Help & Support" for any VPS related issues.

Great to see one more post for VPS forum. It would be even better if you could reduce your monthly post requirement to 15 or so. Because obviously, we need only 15 here on freevps. Smile
Always good to see a new forum in the P2H side , best of luck to your forum!!

i suggest you change the post requirement for a VPS to 20 and a VPN to 10
I'm trying to post at the Forum, but it probably needs an injection of more topics. Very difficult to post to an almost empty Forum. Still don't know how one is supposed to apply for a Free VPS - hopefully there's an application forum that automatically opens up when one gets past number 20 post.
Congratulations to your new business, as mentioned by the above posts I too see you will get a difficult start as freevps.us is providing 2 VPSs at the 15 post level.And the quality of VPSs are too good.
I do not think it will be an easy task to get started, but keep trying.
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#SaveFreeVPS for the future
Good luck with your new Post2Host service. Maybe it'll grow, maybe it will not grow. Tounge
One question: why do you offer vpns when a person can just get a vps and set one up and also do something else on it at the same time...

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