[SOLVED] Softether VPN , how to get access the lan vpn access from vps.
Well the setup is prity simple and I made it to work . Well its now working fine and now I have to acces the vpn pc-pc lan segment that we are hosting here.
Do i have to add a client so this pc also work as a client or I can access the vpn as I am the hosting of this softether server?
You have either unclear statements or having difficulty in English, I don't get your point.

So, you set up a VPN (on LAN or hosted on a public IP?) and need to access another PCs in a different LAN segment, or what?
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I guess you have installed softether server on a computer and using it fine. Now you want to make this server computer a part of the virtual lan(s) you are creating using softether server running on it.

If this is your case then yes, you need to install a client on this server computer. Now make as many virtual network adapters (loopback) you want and connect to one or more virtual lans simultaneously if you so wish. Just remember to segment and define and prioritize your lan ip ranges properly to avoid conflicts and other weird problems.

In short, yes you need the client on this machine too.

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Ok now Its working ok , and to be specific exactly how I wanted. I will surely post a installation Guide after my boos publish on his Blog. Well we finally found what the problems and really its silly which took a day to solve and lots of frustrating.

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